Peoples Party seeks urgent Senate session on inflation, power bill

Roles of Senate Chairman, Senate Secretariat questioned

ISLAMABAD  -  Pakistan People’s Party yester­day demanded urgent Senate session to discuss inflation and soaring electricity bills.

The PPP requested Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani to ar­range a Senate meeting to ad­dress the matter of a requisi­tion that was turned down by the Senate earlier. The requisi­tion in question pertains to the PPP’s call for a session aimed at discussing the alarming rise in inflation and the electricity bills, which have sparked significant concern and unrest among the general public. In a formal let­ter directed to Chairman Senate Sanjrani, PPP’s Senator Taj Haid­er expressed his apprehensions and sought clarification regard­ing the requisition’s status.

The letter underscored that the Senate Secretariat had re­ported that five members had withdrawn their signatures from the requisition initially submitted by the PPP. Despite repeated requests from the PPP, the names of these individuals who withdrew their support have not been disclosed, he maintained. The letter raised questions about the process by which these members alleg­edly retracted their signatures. It inquired whether these indi­viduals had formally submitted written requests to the Senate Secretariat to withdraw their support for the requisition. Haider stressed that neither the Constitution nor Rules empower any party or individual to unilat­erally withdraw a signature.

He said this raises concerns about the roles of the Chairman Senate and the Senate Secre­tariat. The letter emphasized that the Constitution does not grant the Chairman Senate’s of­fice the authority to make such decisions. Haider expressed the hope that the decision to reject the requisition would be recon­sidered, taking into account the best interests of the people. He conveyed optimism that Sanjrani would respond to their call and promptly convene a Senate meet­ing to address the pressing con­cerns related to the requisition.

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