Ranipur incident was very serious, says Nilofer Bukhtiar

SUKKUR - Minister of State, Chairperson of the National Commission on Status of Women, Nilofer Bakhtiar has said Ranipur incident was very serious and the entire nation was ashamed of such an incident. A ten-year-old Fatima, a domestic maid, was tortured to death at the haveli of Pir Asad Shah, who was arrested in the case. Meanwhile his wife Hina Shah surrendered to the police on the last day. Addressing the press conference alongwith activist of Social Development Sector, Ayesha Dharejo at Sukkur Press Club on Wednesday, she said all accused in this case should be strictly punished under the law so that such incidents do not happen in the future. The state minister said that there are two effective ways to prevent the incidents that happened to innocent girls; one is that the accused does not have bail and the case reaches a logical end. The demands of justice should be fulfilled and secondly, quality education should be common in every area, she said and added that she visited the village of Fatima Furiro, where there are no basic facilities in the school compared to other provinces, the infrastructure and education system in Sindh is poor. Answering the queries, Nilofar Bakhtiar said that the performance of the Khairpur police is not satisfactory, adding that still laptop of the accused has not been decoded and the police officers themselves are providing a mobile phone facility to the accused. She stated that justice and protection would be provided to Fatima Furriro’s family at any cost.