World Heart Day observed at Govt Allama Iqbal Teaching Hospital

SIALKOT   -  Government Khawaja Safdar Medi­cal College Principal Dr Abdul Sat­tar, while speaking at a ceremony organised by Cardiology Depart­ment and Global Lab on the occa­sion of World Heart Day at Gov­ernment Allama Iqbal Teaching Hospital Sialkot, said that World Heart Day plays a vital role in cre­ating awareness to educate people across the world to understand the importance of heart health and bringing other organisations to­gether to actively participate in or­ganising various events. HOD Cardi­ology Department Dr Asif Bhali and MS Dr Rana Ilyas said that exercise helps strengthen the heart muscles, keeping BMI under control, reduc­ing the risk of artery damage due to high cholesterol, high blood sugar and high blood pressure, avoiding the occurrence of heart stroke. Dr Ali Javed, Dr Ghafran Adnan and Dr Waheed Arshad said that in the re­productive age group, women are protected from heart diseases es­pecially coronary artery disease by certain hormones, like estrogen. But after menopause, the risk of having a heart attack increases, they added.

“Women’s specific risk factors for cardiac illnesses include anaemia, early menopause, PCOS, endome­triosis, use of birth control pills, autoimmune diseases, pregnancy-induced hypertension, eclampsia, gestational diabetes. Mental health also plays a major role in the de­velopment of cardiac diseases in women, especially depression, low social support and anxiety,” they further added.

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