ISLAMABAD- The Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority (IHRA) has sealed five healthcare establishments in different areas of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

According to IHRA, inspection teams carried out inspections of 34 healthcare establishments in different areas of ICT during the past two weeks.

Zobia Hospital, Perfect Diagnostic Center and Rawat Clinic were sealed due to different malpractices like not getting registered with IHRA, not maintaining patients record, keeping HCE functional despite suspension orders by IHRA and keeping expired kits, reagents and blood bags.

The OT and Labour Room of National Hospital and Humaira Medical Centre were sealed due to absence of qualified medical staff and usage of unsterilised instruments. Similarly, 16 healthcare establishments were served notices for minor non-compliances and instructed to comply with the directions given by the inspection teams.

Four HCEs were recommended for registration and revocation of suspension. Nine HCEs were found closed at the time of visit by inspection teams.

IHRA teams were also carrying out zone-wise mapping of healthcare establishments of Islamabad. Mapping of Zone I and II has been completed while 1,074 healthcare establishments have been mapped so far.