KHANEWAL - Technical scruitny committee of the Punjab Local Government Board has approved the construction and widening of three important roads of Khanewal city with cost of Rs231.90 million.

Public ,social,commercial circles and citizens appreciated the efforts of Deputy Commissioner Zaheer Abbas Chatta and Administrator TMA Umar Iftikhar Shirazi for the approval of the construction roads.

According to details, meeting of the technical Scrutiny Committee of Punjab Local Government Board was held in Punjab Local Government Complex Lahore under the chairmanship of Chief Engineer Headquarters (North) Punjab Local Government, Zahid Karim, other participants of the committee were, Zarif Qayyum Chief Engineer South, Muhammad Zubair Manager (Engineering) (PMDFC), Umar Iftikhar Shirazi Administrator Municipality and ADCR khanewal, Zain Ali Municipal Officer Municipal Committee Khanewal, Umar Hayat Highway Design Engineer JERS (Consultant) and Shahbaz Ali,Sub Engineer Municipal Committee Khanewal.

In the meeting, construction, development and widening of three important roads of Khanewal, including Jaswant Nagar Chowk to SP Chowk, duak -way 49 feet (one kilometer) road, SP Chowk to Station Chowk to Railway Underpass (two kilometers) 40 feet single-way road and  Construction and widening of 34 feet (one kilometer) road from Football Chowk to Shabir Sports Stadium Road khanewal will be started very soon.

In this context, the administrator of the municipality and ADCG Umar Iftikhar Shirazi had a special meeting with the World Bank Consultant and the Chief Engineer of the Local Government Zahid Karim and important progress was made in the phased construction and opening of roads in Khanewal.