The River Kabul was still experiencing very high flood Monday morning, inundating parts of Nowshera and Charsadda while a fresh deluge from the northern parts of the country entered South Punjab and Sindh.

The River Indus is currently in high flood with over 500,000 cusecs of flow between Chashma in Punab and Sindh’s Hyderabad, according to the Flood Forecasting Division data captured at 6am Monday.

A very high flood of 307,000 cusecs hit Nowshera Sunday morning and by noon the water submerged the GT Road as another massive flood torrent of 130,000 cusecs from Swat entered the River Kabul near Charsadda, at the confluence of River Swat and River Kabul.

The Flood Forecasting Division reported a flow of 298,800 cusecs in River Kabul Monday morning, lower than the water level on Sunday but still classified as a ‘very high flood.’

The rising water levels sparked evacuation from the low-lying areas of Nowshera on Sunday. Over 130,000 people were reportedly forced to leave their homes.

Authorities have set up a relief camp at the District Headquarters Hospital in Attock. Nowshera district administration first began evacuating low-lying areas on Friday.

On Sunday the authorities sounded alert in Nowshera city, Nowshera Kalan, Banda Sheikh Ismail, and other areas.

Footage showing GT Road inundated by floodwater, though vehicles were still able to travel through it.