Commerce minister ambitious to take Pharma industry’s exports to $1b

ISLAMABAD-Caretaker Federal Commerce Minister Dr Gohar Ejaz held a pivotal meeting with the Pharmaceutical Association on Monday to discuss to increase the exports to one billion dollars. A delegation of the association led by PPMA Chairman Farooq Bukhari, called on the minister here. The minister’s primary agenda was to discuss and strategise ways to boost the pharmaceutical industry’s exports. During the meeting, an ambitious target of achieving a one-billion-dollar export milestone for the industry was set. Dr Gohar Ejaz expressed his unwavering commitment and support to the pharmaceutical sector, not only in his official capacity but also on a personal level. He assured the delegation of his dedication to creating an environment conducive to the industry’s growth. He further emphasised the importance of focusing on exports as a means to enhance the country’s economic conditions. In a remarkable display of patriotism, Dr Gohar Ejaz announced his decision to donate his entire income for the year to the welfare of the country. This gesture showcased his deep concern for the well-being of the nation and his dedication to its progress. Recognising the need for a competitive edge in the global market, the minister urged the pharmaceutical delegation to formulate a comparative policy framework with regional countries. He directed this framework to be presented by Wednesday, with the goal of aligning the industry with regional peers and facilitating increased exports. The meeting concluded on a positive note, with the pharmaceutical industry leaders appreciating the minister’s support and dedication to their sector. As the industry sets its sights on the ambitious one-billion-dollar export target, the nation eagerly anticipates the potential economic growth and benefits that will follow.

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