Foreign agencies involved in Jaranwala incident, claims IGP

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab Dr Usman Anwar claimed foreign agencies were found behind the Jaranwala incident as scores of churches and houses of Christian fraternity were attacked a couple of days ago following blasphemy allegations.

Unruly mob, on Aug 16 last ransacked numerous churches and put a large number of houses on fire in Jaranwala town. People reacted strongly when clerics made announcements through mosques asking people that blasphemy had been committed by Christian community.

Addressing a press conference, the IGP said that Jaranwala incident had links to hostile agencies. He said the police had apprehended three prime suspects couple with 180 others.

He said ransacked establishments were being constructed and the effected community was being supported.

"We have already said that efforts are being made to create a rift between Muslims and Christians. The conspiracy was started from the Sargodha incident," Dr Anwar said.

Speaking about the Holy Quran desecration incident in Sargodha, IG Anwar said that the police have arrested three suspects involved in the incident.

The IGP assured that such incidents would not take place again as the law enforcers had dismantled the network involved in the desecration of the Quran.

Urging the Muslim community, the IGP asked them to refrain from taking law into their hands. He vowed that elements who helped enemies would be brought to justice and they would face the music.

The IGP also urged the mosque leaders to ensure that no one should misuse the loudspeakers.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt