Javed Malik welcomes UK Law Society chief

DUBAI   -   President of Dubai Diplomat Business Club, Javed Malik welcomed the President of the Law Society of England & Wales, Lubna Shuja and her official delegation at an impressive reception attended by international lawyers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs and diplomats.

Lubna Shujamade history when she was elected as the first ever Muslim President of the Law Society in its 198-year history. She has roots from Pakistan from where her family moved to the UK many years back. The Law Society of England and Wales is the apex body of lawyers in England & Wales.

Javed Malik, President of the Diplomat Business Club, while welcoming the UK delegation highlighted

The Diplomat Business Club’s role in fostering global networking opportunities for businessmen, entrepreneurs, lawyers other senior professionals and diplomats to and explore new avenues of positive collaboration. While appreciating Lubna Shuja’s historic election as the head of the Law Society, Javed Malik also underscored to importance of building close linkages between lawyers from Pakistan and the United Kingdom and said “being common law jurisdictions there is a lot of scope of collaboration between legal professionals from both countries, and in view of the recent changes in qualification routes there is now a possibility for Pakistani lawyers to also qualify as solicitors of the superior courts in England and Wales through the SQE route”

Speaking on the occasion, Lubna Shuja, the President of the Law Society of England thanked the Diplomat Club and Javed Malik for the reception and said that her visit to the region highlights the importance the Law Society of England and Wales attaches to its international members as it continues to engage more closely with lawyers around the world. She said she was delighted to meet lawyers from various countries and welcomed the growing interest in those also seeking to qualify as English solicitors through the SQE route.

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