Zelensky hopes Ukraine will get Israel-style security guarantee from US

Says such guarantees would come through process of Ukraine’s accession to NATO

KYIV -Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says he hopes that Ukraine will get secu­rity guarantees from the US that are similar to those enjoyed by Israel. In an interview with Ukrainian media on Mon­day, Zelensky said that security guarantees include both a shield and a sword. Such guarantees would come through the process of Ukraine’s accession to NATO, he said, but would be reinforced through a bilateral agreement with the United States. 

“We will probably have a similar model with the United States, like the Israeli model, where we have weapons, tech­nology, training, finances, etc. Something like Israel has, but we have a different enemy,” Zelensky said. Such an agree­ment would not depend on who was in the White House, Zelensky said, since it would be approved by Congress. The US and Israel have signed multiple security agreements since the founding of the state of Israel, and the US guarantees what is called a Qualitative Military Edge to Israel compared to oth­er forces in the region. 



Even as Ukrainian units have breached the first line of Rus­sian defenses on part of the southern front, soldiers have been describing just how dif­ficult it is to make more than incremental gains in the face of complex and multi-layered fortifications. Ukrainian forces say they have taken one village -- Robotyne -- in Zaporizhzhia region, and are moving towards several others in a bid to bring the strategic hub of Tokmak within range of artillery. 

One soldier, a communica­tions specialist named Oleksan­dr Solonko, has written in detail about the challenges of making progress in the area, with his ac­count supported by others. 

The lay of the land: First, he said, the topography of the region has left many Ukrainian troops exposed. “Whoever you are, an assault group ... an evac[uation mission], an airborne or ground reconnaissance, your movement is visible from afar. The enemy has been preparing to meet you for a long time,” he said.

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