Researchers to give internet security layer

Daily mail  London  - It could give every internet user access to simple encryption - and make the internet a far more secure place.
Scientists at Scentrics, working with University College London, say they have created an algorithm that can guarantee total privacy for everything from emails and text messages. Called 'the construct', they hope the system could be used to give everything from desktop machines to mobile phones simple to use encryption.
The company is headed by a computer scientist and mathematician, Paran Chandrasekaran, who used to be technology counsellor to the Prince of Wales' Business Advisory Board. 'This allows people to lock their digital front doors and alarm their online lives,' he told
'The challenge is to give crypto to the masses, make it a one click solution and comply with corporate security. 'What we have developed is an algorithm that places a security layers into the DNA of the internet - it will have crypto for the masses, and you won't even need a special app.'
The company has found a way of defeating what cryptologists call 'the man-in-the-middle attack' or MITM – the ability of someone to hack and intercept an electronic message. This requires an attacker to have the ability to both monitor and alter or inject messages into a communication channel. One example of this used by hackers is active eavesdropping, in which the attacker makes independent connections with the victims and relays messages between them to make them believe they are talking directly to each other over a private connection, when in fact the entire conversation is controlled by the attacker.

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