Gwadar, CPEC is last hope for Pakistan

Gwadar is the central hub for investment in the multi-billion dollar project China Pakistan Economic Corridor and is last hope for Pakistan to make quick progress in every sector. Abdul Saboor Sheikh CEO of Gwadar Central said this while talking to The Nation.

The real estate sector is booming as the CPEC is on the mark and its fruits will be available in near future, he said 

The security of Gwadar has tremendously improved in recent years, and that has improved the confidence of the international investors, he said.

The CEO of Gwadar Central is confident that CPEC is the last hope for Pakistan as it has provided range of opportunities for the local and international investors.

“In my view one of the largest Expo Centres, which is being constructed in the Gwadar will also be the game changer as well as you need space to exhibit your products and lure the intentional investors. “They are working with the slogan ’Time for a new life’ and ‘Right time for right decision’, he said.  

Sheikh said at Gwadar Central, they believed that a living space is not just bricks and cement, it has to be a “home”; the special place that helps you to discover the real you. “We aim to partner with people in this endeavour of homemaking.

“We are also convinced that time is of utmost essence when you are planning to venture into a new dimension of life. This is why our developments will be brisk, according to our commitments and coincidental with your desires.

 “We know that all this can only be achieved by combining the best of design, aesthetics, technology, architecture, timely development and a unique understanding of your specific requirements. We aspire to serve the global citizens who hail from diverse backgrounds.

“In the next two years we expect to see huge increase in real estate prices in Gwadar due to high growth in population & housing needs.

“Our upcoming construction project is “Central Business District” that will be kick-start occupancy and higher increase in the price of Gwadar Central.

“I am sure that the residents of our projects will find our efforts better than their expectations,” Sheikh said.

Selection of location is the most important thing while investing in real estate. The Gwadar Central, as the name suggests, is a housing project located right in the centre of Gwadar.

“It’s a luxurious and amenity-rich housing project approved by Gwadar Development Authority (GDA),” he said.

The Gwadar Central is located in the category “A” of “Gwadar Master Plan” which ensures preferential development and is an indication of the premium real estate in the city.  The Gwadar Central is located at the junction of three main arteries Coastal Highway 280 Feet Wide National Highway, Sarawan Avenue 150 Feet Wide Structure Road and Buleda Avenue 150 Feet Wide Structure Road.

The project Gwadar Central is offering is one-of-a-kind project is situated just 1 kilometre from Jinnah Avenue (300 Feet Wide), which is the main commercial boulevard and hub of Gwadar.

Sheikh said that there has been an unprecedented development around The Gwadar Central.

“This strategic focus on simultaneous development of the Gwadar city and port is primarily due to the natural, symbiotic relationship that exists between a port and the city that surrounds it; one cannot be developed without the other. In addition, the city around a port must also be planned carefully in order to lay the foundation of a sustainable regional economy, drive local business and increase port throughput,” he said.  Gwadar will see exponential increase in demand for housing due to millions of workers and businessmen coming to the city. This presents unparalleled opportunities for investors, Sheikh said.  “This is why, Gwadar has been declared the winter capital of Balochistan and it’s the only planned city in Pakistan, after Islamabad,” the CEO of Gwadar Central maintained.


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