ISLAMABAD - Zhongtong Bus, the Green Line Bus Rapid Transit Service (BRTS) will boost Pakistan’s green and intelligent transportation, Gwadar Pro reported on Tuesday.

The BRTS, the Karachi’s first modern public transport project, began trial operations last Saturday.

Zhongtong Bus, one of the biggest and earliest listed bus manufacturers in China, has provided 80 18-meter hybrid buses for the Green Line, which can handle 135,000 passenger trips per day.

Zhongtong’s National Representative of Pakistan, Jeffery, told Gwadar Pro that with great responsibility, Zhongtong is truly grateful for the trust of the Pakistani government. 

The company will continue to strengthen technological innovation to boost the development of global green and intelligent transportation.

Regarding public transport as one of the main driving force of reforms, Pakistan adopts Zhongtong new N-series for its first batch of new energy public transport in the country’s largest city, which will undoubtfully bring epoch-making significance to the upgrading of local public transport system.

He explained that this new generation of Zhongtong public transport platform will bring Karachi citizens a more convenient and clean travel experience that is intelligent and comfortable.

The vehicle is also equipped with 118.4kwh battery. On a single charge, each bus can run 98km with electric power only.

The stops of the Green Line and Orange Line are all designed with modern ticket-selling and check-in facilities, and the vehicles are also equipped with a complete set of intelligent equipment, including omni-directional CCTV cameras, on-board WIFI, automatic stop announcement, online monitoring, audio-visual entertainment facilities, etc.

“In the later stage of the project, we will vigorously promote more intelligent and modern systems to improve local public transport services.” Jeffery highlighted.

In recent years, more and more Chinese bus and passenger car brands have launched CKD (Completely Knocked Down) cooperation in Pakistan.

With the strongest friendship between China and Pakistan, it is expected that there will be more and more cooperation for the well-being of the people in both countries, the report added.