Confirmation of MPs’ resignations: PTI delegation meets NA Speaker today

ISLAMABAD        -     Since the PTI MNas resignations’ matter hanging in the balance, National assembly Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has made a final decision to verify each resignation individually and a PTI delegation will call on the speaker at Parliament house today. Speaker Raja Pervaiz ashraf said that he was telephonically contacted by PTI’s former chief whip Malik amir Dogar. he said that a representative delegation of PTI wanted to meet him regarding PTI members’ resignations. During telephonic conversation, Malik amir Dogar also inquired about his return and the speaker informed him that he would return on December 28. “After getting a flight on December 27, he reached Islamabad at night and remained present at the Parliament house office at 10:00 am,” he said. Na Speaker also held telephonic conversation with former chief whip Malik amir to inform him about his presence and told that he had been waiting for the PTI delegation in his office since morning. Commenting about confirmation of PTI MNas’ resignations, Speaker National assembly said that there was a clear procedure for confirmation of resignations in the rules and regulations of the National assembly and the resignations would be confirmed in accordance with constitution and Rules of Business of National assembly law and rules of the National assembly. he said that even if he desired to confirm resignation as the Speaker he could not accept the resignation of anyone outside the constitution and the rules and regulations of the National assembly. he said that as the speaker of the National assembly, he would not take any step against constitution and the law. The speaker also added that a PTI member from Karachi submitted an affidavit in the court that he did not resign. Talking to media, he said that Shah Mahmood Qureshi was a respectable and seasoned politician and he would be welcome in Parliament. he also expressed his desire that members of PTI should return to assembly and play their constitutional role. he said that the Parliament was the platform of representatives of 22 crore people and the country’s problems could only be solved only through this Parliament. he also emphasized the need to think beyond politics for survival of the country and the nation, there is a need to think beyond politics when it comes to the country. he said that everyone should work for survival of the country. Later on, Speaker National assembly Raja Parvaiz ashraf visited memorial of those who sacrificed their lives for protection of constitution and democracy, established in Sabzazaar of the Parliament house. The Speaker expressed his dismay over the poor maintenance and nonstandard repair work of the monument. He directed senior officials of the Capital Development authority to restore monument to its original condition by completing the renovation and repair work within three weeks. Media representatives, senior officers of the National assembly Secretariat and CDa were also present on this occasion.

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