IPO Pakistan Chairman Farrukh Aamil visits earthquake-proof village in Chambar

HYDERABAD-The Chairman Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan and former Ambassador Farrukh Aamil along with a delegation of Lari Foundation visited an earthquake-proof village Puno Kolhi, in Chambar, district Tando Allahyar on Thursday and inspected houses built for displaced people.
These earthquake-proof houses have been designed by renowned female architect Yasmeen Lari. The delegation was warmly welcomed by the women and children of the village along with their guests from the United States and the United Kingdom. The hosts accorded a welcome to the Lari Foundation’s delegation by performing a traditional dance.
Speaking on the occasion, Farrukh Aamil said that the earthquake-proof village was designed by the eminent architect Yasmeen Lari and some 40,000 houses will be built for disaster-hit people.
These houses could not collapse even in an earthquake of 6.2 magnitude, Farrukh said and added that the cost of construction on these houses was as low as one can easily afford. He added that they were providing training to the world for constructing such types of low-cost houses. He said Lari had provided a solution for the world to face the situation created by natural calamities and disasters.
He said Yasmeen Lari wants Pakistan to become a developed nation and she gave a plan to cope with the effects of climate change. Farrukh said that we need to prepare for future challenges so that people can be saved from disasters and natural calamities. He said global warming is being increased especially in South Asia due to climate change therefore we should prefer to construct houses from mud and clay. He said Yasmeen Lari had protected the villagers by designing such cost-effective houses in the village. He along with other members of the delegation also distributed gifts donated by the business community among the villagers. On this occasion, villagers said they were thankful to Lari for her generous help in the construction of their houses. Lari Foundation had also provided solar plates to all houses for electricity facilities and hand pumps were also given for water needs. Muhammad Rafique, Tafseer Fatima, Naeem Shah and others were also included in the delegation who visited the village.

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