DADU                  -                Renowned artists from various countries of the world made a history on Friday by colouring a 25-meter long painting.

The feat was accomplished on the concluding day of the three-day long 3rd International Watercolour Biennale “Pearls of Peace Season-III”, organised in collaboration with International Watercolor Society and Fabrianoin Acquarello, Italy at Centre of Excellence in Art & Design (CEAD), Mehran University of Engineering & Technology (MUET), Jamshoro. The foreign artists were welcomed to the event clad in cultural Ajrak, Lungi and shaal while folk music was also played on the occasion.

Renowned artists from USA, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Serbia, Argentina, Slovakia and Pakistan jointly worked on this long painting to give the message of love, peace and harmony to the world.

Master artists such as Atanur Dogan and Asumqan Dogan from Canada, Ivani Raneiri from Brazil, Natalia Studenkova from Slovakia, Aleena Krugova from Russia, Diana Toma, Lester Miller, Bob Hannah from USA, Bea Strugo, Vladimir Marcos, Ginesta Lucrecia from Argentina and Pakistani artists from various provinces took part in colouring the painting, depicting the country’s natural scenes, historical places, and popular resorts.

Renowned architect Hameer Soomro, Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce President Seth Goharullah Barkat, hundreds of students, teachers and people from different walks of life witnessed the event and appreciated the efforts of CEAD for spreading the message of love through water colour.

After paying special thanks to the guests, who witnessed the event, CEAD Director Professor Dr Bhai Khan Shar said that foreign artists had landed here to spread message of love and peace and are taking the gift of hospitality and harmony from Pakistan along with them.

The foreign artists said that Pakistan is the land of love, peace and hospitality. They said they wished to see the country again and again if such events spreading message of peace are organised repeatedly. After the big painting demo, the students from CEAD performed cultural dance that represented all provinces while the foreigners also joined them. Artists also enjoyed the kite flying competition organised on the occasion and tried to learn its techniques.

The participants shouted Pakistan Zindabad to end the event on a positive note.