Pakistan is a third world country while first world is digitised beyond our imagination but slowly and gradually we are heading in the same direction and to some extent we are digitised also. From eating food to journey and shopping to getting different services like buying or selling houses, flats, plots and bungalows everything has been online. Banking, renewal of CNIC, quest of better and overseas proposals for marriages can be availed online. Online tickets can be booked for travelling at domestic level and abroad both by air and train. People tend to avail such services online rather than going out to bother themselves.

In this scenario, when we are digitising and making everything online, one major assignment is yet to be digitised and online which is electing our rulers. Although it has not yet been digitised in first world as rigging in elections are not made there but can we not become pioneer in this regard and show the world that elections to elect rulers of your choice can be made online without political any pressure as dynamics of our country different from first world. There is rigging news in our elections whether it is general or local bodies election. Franchising is given to every citizen of progressed and developed countries while in Pakistan majority of inhabitants are seemed deprived from franchising of their own choice rather are driven and forced to cast their vote owing to political pressure.

If citizens of our country are given franchising freely without any political pressure, we might elect rulers of our own choice which can only be possible if our election process be made digitised and online. This step would not only diminish the chances of rigging as well as trillions of rupees which are spent from public-exchequer might be saved. Voting online election’s mechanism might be designed as that voter should be allowed to sign in on the portal through his/her thumb impression and caste his/her vote. Let’s start preparation by making the mind of citizens and educate them through brainstorming session via electronic and social media how to cast their vote online and get rid of blame of rigging in the election for good. This seems a bit difficult process but not impossible and a pilot project might be experienced in forthcoming local bodies election before general election. Let’s set a precedent and show the world that we are not less than any country in digitising.