There is a malicious disinformation campaign launched on social media, against the head of one of the most powerful constitutional institutions of this country. As per 1973 Constitution, in line with constitutions of other major democratic nations, the three major independent institutions are parliament, the executive and judiciary. All other departments are directly under administrative control of one of these constitutional institutions.

However, the judiciary alone has constitutional jurisdiction to adjudicate whether the act of any other state institutions is in conformity, or violates the letter and spirit of constitution. While the Parliament alone has authority to legislate laws, it is the Supreme Court alone which has power to interpret these in light of constitution.

It raises doubts about timing of this social media campaign, which coincidentally followed decision by SC of Pakistan challenging eligibility of a serving officer of security services on his appointment as head of national airline which has losses, exceeding almost Rs 490 Billion. While it is the constitutional right of any citizen to criticize any judgment announced, it is unfair to launch a campaign. If the SC of Pakistan can declare elected PM of Pakistan ineligible to hold office, it surely can act similarly against those whom PM has powers to appoint.

Provision for providing security protocol to any of these constitutional office holders, each of whom is as important as the other, is in accordance with rules of business. It is therefore unjustified to singularly criticize one of them in isolation.