JACOBABAD                -              A large number of people of the city set the Indian flag and effigy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on fire and raised their voice against the persecution of Muslims in India under Modi regime.

The rally, led by Raaz Khan Pathan, the provincial leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf [PTI], was taken out from Pathan House up to DC Chowk.

Speaking on the occasion, Raaz Khan Pathan said that the Indian prime minister had been trying to create differences between Muslims and their compatriots living together peacefully for a long period of time.

He strongly condemned the aggressive policies and the barbarism of the Indian government against peaceful Muslims and termed it sheer injustice.

Addressing Modi, Pathan said that Muslims are peace loving people, but if attacked they did not hesitate to lay down their lives since they believed in martyrdom.

He cautioned the Indian prime minister to remain careful in future because the Muslims are not afraid of death.

Raaz Khan Pathan also demanded the United Nations and other international human rights organisations to take notice of the barbarism and terrorism of Indian Prime Minister.

He also assured the Muslims of India that people of Pakistan would always stand with them as well as the oppressed people of Kashmir shoulder to shoulder.

The protestors, on the occasion, kept chanting slogans against Narendra Modi and his anti-Muslim policies.