LOS ANGELES (CM): Tyra Banks feels inspired by Walt Disney.The 46-year-old model is set to launch her own beauty theme park, called ModelLand, in Santa Monica, California, later this year, and Tyra has admitted to taking inspiration from the American pioneer.

She explained: ‘’I’m inspired by Walt Disney. He created a legacy brand and destination that exists beyond his time on Earth and continues to delight people of all ages through fantasy and story.’’

Tyra also revealed that her overarching ambition behind ModelLand is to bring ‘’modelling to the masses’’.

She wrote on the theme park’s website: ‘’I want to redefine what a model and modelling means. ‘’It ain’t just about having a contract with a top modelling agency. And it’s not just being an Instamodel with tons of followers. ‘’I want to make people everywhere feel more beautiful and powerful than they ever believed possible.’’ Earlier this week, Tyra said that women of all shapes and sizes ‘’deserve to feel beautiful’’.

The world-famous model is determined that her new beauty theme park will challenge the widespread perceptions of attractiveness.

The fashion icon shared: ‘’I believe all shapes and all sizes and all ages and all shades deserve to feel beautiful, powerful, and be the fantasy versions of themselves.