IFRC Deputy Regional Director for Asia-Pacific calls on PRCS chairman

ISLAMABAD   -   The Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) was hon­oured to welcome Ms Juja Kim, Depu­ty Regional Director Asia-Pacific, Inter­national Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), on her inaugural visit to Pakistan. Kim’s vis­it culminated in a significant meeting with Chairman Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari at the PRCS National Head­quarters, where they discussed strat­egies to enhance humanitarian efforts and strengthen PRCS’s operational ca­pacity.

During the meeting, PRCS chairman extended a warm welcome to Kim, ex­pressing gratitude for IFRC’s unwaver­ing support to PRCS. He underscored PRCS’s response to the 2022 mon­soon floods, which provided assistance to over 2.8 million affected individu­als, and emphasised the crucial role of IFRC and ICRC in facilitating PRCS’s hu­manitarian efforts.

Highlighting the ongoing commit­ment of PRCS teams in the field, Laghari stressed the importance of sustained efforts in the recovery phase and ap­pealed for continued support to bridge resource gaps. He specifically request­ed IFRC’s assistance in providing mod­el shelter houses, livelihood opportuni­ties, and ensuring the well-being of the flood affected communities.

In response, Juja Kim appreciated PRCS’s humanitarian efforts to help the affected people under the dynamic and forward-thinking leadership of Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari. She assured IF­RC’s continuous support to PRCS. Kim outlined forthcoming initiatives such as the Strategic Development 2030 of the national society, partnership meet­ings, and operational planning, as well as support for peer-to-peer support through the IFRC network.

According to Juja Kim, “Climate change is unpredictable now leading to increase in the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events. IFRC is sup­porting PRCS for climate change adap­tation efforts to build the resilience of communities to climate change. In re­sponse to the 2022 monsoon floods, IFRC launched an Emergency Appeal to provide shelter, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and health sup­port, food rations and cooked meals, and livelihoods for the flood affected communities in Pakistan. We are com­mitted to working hand-in-hand with our host national society (PRCS) for the implementation of the flood recov­ery plan.”

Following the meeting, a ceremo­ny was organised in honour of Juja Kim at the PRCS Auditorium, where she interacted with staff and volun­teers. The event showcased PRCS’s im­pactful work through documentaries, highlighting initiatives such as mod­el shelter houses, solar water filtration plants, Cash Voucher Assistance (CVA), and emergency response under the Mass Casualty Initiative Management. Kim applauded the dedication of PRCS staff and volunteers for their tireless humanitarian activities.

Kim’s visit underscored the strong partnership between IFRC and PRCS and reaffirmed their mutual commit­ment to alleviating the suffering of vul­nerable communities and enhancing disaster response and recovery efforts.

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