KP P&D Dept initiates land use plan for merged areas

PESHAWAR  -  The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Planning & Development department, led by Project Manager Mehmood Jan, has kickstarted the development of a land use plan for the merged tribal districts. A pivotal focus group dis­cussion, attended by representatives from trade unions, political parties, press clubs, labor communities, and Bar councils, took place in the Depu­ty Commissioner control room head­quarters in Ghalanai.

Consultants from Shehr Saaz Pvt Ltd JV MS worldwide were enlisted to pres­ent the district-level land use plan for Mohmand. The discussion involved various civil society organizations and unions collaborating on visions for the district’s development. 

The project manager urged partic­ipants to contribute insights on mine minerals, drinking water, trade routes, tourism spots, and industrial units in the merged districts.

Concerns raised by participants high­lighted Mohmand’s challenges as a backward tribal district gr

APPling with unemployment and drinking water issues. Suggestions included reopening the Gursal trade route with Afghanistan to combat unemployment, initiating water supply schemes from the Kabul Riv­er or Mohmand Dam, and construct­ing check dams to improve the wa­ter table.

Emphasizing Mohmand’s vast reser­voir of marbles, participants advocated for establishing marble industries with finishing products in the district. They also stressed the unt

APPed potential of tourist spots in Mohmand, calling for development to attract visitors and boost the local economy.

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