MNAs take oath in maiden session today

Nawaz names Shehbaz for PM slot n PML-N nominates Ayaz Saqiq as candidate for National Assembly Speaker n Party approves resolution to pull country out of crises n Shehbaz says President Alvi once again violated the Constitution by not summoning NA session n We will have to make difficult decisions in next two years: Nawaz.

ISLAMABAD  -  The first sitting of the National Assembly will be held at the Parliament House in Islamabad at 10:00am today. According to a notification issued by the National Assembly Secretariat, the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs requested the Prime Minister for the approval of making arrangements to convene the maiden session of the newly elected Lower House.

The prime minister, after obtaining the legal opinion from the Ministry of Law and Justice, gave his approval under clause (2) of Article 91 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

The first session of 16th National Assembly finally summoned Wednesday without the formal approval of the President, as ministry of parliamentary affairs with legal consultants convened the session.

The summon, citing clause 2 of Article 91 of the constitution, argued convening the National Assembly session following the elections after 24 days is compulsory. Since the general elections held on February 08,2024, so this clause support summoning the first session of 16th national assembly.

“The president has no authority to stop the NA session, as per the Article-54. Though twice summary was moved to the President but he refused to give nod on it Also, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Quaid Nawaz Sharif has formally nominated Shehbaz Sharif as candidate for the office of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He made this announcement while speaking at party’s parliamentary meeting at the Parliament House in Islamabad on Wednesday. Nawaz Sharif also nominated Sardar Ayaz Saqiq as PML-N candidate for Speaker of National Assembly. On the occasion, he also welcomed independently elected lawmakers for joining the PML-N.

Besides, Nawaz Sharif congratulated women and minority parliamentarians for their elections.

On this occasion, PML-N president and former Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also expressed gratitude to the independent candidates for joining the PML-N.

Highlighting achievements of PML-N governments in the past, he said several mega projects, including construction of motorways, highways and power plants are the hallmark of his party’s service to the nation.

The parliamentary party of the PML-N also approved a resolution tabled by Shehbaz Sharif to bring the country out of crises under the dynamic leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif.

Speaker National Assembly will administer oath to the newly-elected members, by formally commencing the maiden session. A large number of new faces contested in the polls will take oath. Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf said that Constitution would continue to be a guiding document for generations to come to lead the country on path of development and progress. He said, “It is constitution which creates strong link between state and People.” He also said that this constitution monument would continue to remind about significance and sanctity of constitution. He expressed these views while inaugurating the Yadgar-e- Dastur (Constitution Monument) and Bagh-e- Dastur in front of parliament lodges Islamabad underscoring Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to democracy and steadfast adherence to the principles enshrined in the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. 

Appreciating his performance as the PM during the tenure of the Pakistan Democratic Movement, Nawaz Sharif recalled; “The way he stopped the country from defaulting is unprecedented.” The former premier expressed hope that Pakistan would emerge out of the current crises in the next one or two years. 

“Pakistan is very injured at this time and we will have to fill its wounds,” Nawaz said. “We will have to take the country out of these difficulties and I believe that we will have to make difficult decisions in the next two years but if your intention is pure then God will surely help you. 

“We have to give ease to the public, we have to fix the prices of electricity and gas, we have to make Pakistan stand on its feet and if you move forward with a well-thought agenda then this journey will become easy,” Nawaz Sharif while declaring Shehbaz as the party’s candidate for premier. 

Nawaz Sharif has said that all political parties should work on a special agenda. “Do your own politics, opposition is also a part of politics, but don’t endanger Pakistan and the system,” he maintained. 

Nawaz recalled that despite dharnas by the PTI during his previous tenure, the PML-N continued to work for the country and fulfilled all its commitments to the public. He lamented the cases registered against him and his subsequent ouster. “I believe that whoever did that, they wronged Pakistan,” Nawaz said, adding that ultimately it was the country that suffered. 

PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif said his party members entered the National Assembly after a “tough fight”. 

PML-N nominee for Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said President Arif Alvi is once again violating the Constitution by not summoning the National Assembly session. 

Addressing the PML-N’s parliamentary meeting, he slammed the PTI for its “hypocrisy” and questioned that if the February 8 general elections were rigged, how did the PTI win polls in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

“Nothing like this was ever seen in the history of Pakistan,” Shehbaz said. “To bring the country out of crisis, we will need to make a lot of sacrifices.”

Shehbaz Sharif said his party has the strength of 104 members in the National Assembly. He said all the MNAs-elect from his party contested the February 8 general election on their own. He also thanked the independents who recently joined the PML-N. 

Shehbaz recalled the difficulties faced by the party in the past few years. He highlighted the PML-N’s achievements during Nawaz’s tenure citing the multiple motorway projects and the end to loadshedding in the country. When asked the party leader Atta Tarar informed the media that the decision on the name of the deputy speaker will be taken after a discussion with the PPP. 

Yadgar-e-Dastur and Baghe- Dastur are 1st of their kind in constitutional and political history of Pakistan. Standing tall at the heart of nation, the Yadgar-e-Dastur monument embodies the sanctity of the Constitution of 1973, with its towering plaques bearing the Preamble and fundamental rights. The Islamic motif framing the constitution reminds of Article 227, binding that all existing laws shall be brought into conformity with the injunctions of Islam. As the national flag waves high, symbolizing a constant reminder of every citizen’s solemn duty to uphold loyalty and obedience to the constitution and the law, a fountain nearby represents the balance of power. Amidst lush greenery, each tree planted in Baghe- Dastur signifies an article of the constitution, while the parliament, at the center, echoes its pivotal role in governance.

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