Skardu revival

Skardu, a city known for its breathtaking beauty, is considered one of the most picturesque cities in Pakistan. People from various parts of the world visit Skardu to witness its lush greenery and experience the unique lifestyle of its residents. The city has been a significant contributor to Pakistan’s economy, providing support in both economic and agricultural sectors, thereby preventing the country from facing bankruptcy on numerous occasions.

Presently, Skardu is grappling with several challenges arising from the adverse effects of climate change, particularly a drastic increase in extreme weather conditions. This situation hampers the city’s ability to produce or cultivate anything for almost half the year, posing a severe threat to its economic stability. Given that agriculture plays a pivotal role in the economy, a decline in agricultural output could lead to reduced food production, escalating food prices, and a slump in agricultural exports. Such consequences would negatively impact the country’s revenue, hindering overall economic growth. Furthermore, a decrease in agricultural activities may lead to unemployment in the sector, exacerbating the economic challenges faced by Skardu.

The ongoing protests by the local population, fueled by the scarcity of food, could lead to health issues and potentially result in loss of lives. To alleviate the hardships faced by the people of Skardu, the government must announce a comprehensive program that not only addresses the immediate concerns but also focuses on longterm solutions. By doing so, the government can restore smiles to the faces of the resilient people of Skardu, who have consistently shown hospitality to visitors.

A concerted effort from the government, international organizations, and foreign countries is necessary to uplift Skardu from its current challenges. By implementing sustainable programs and providing timely aid, the authorities can ensure the well-being of the people and safeguard the city’s vital role in Pakistan’s economic landscape. 

NOOR MUSTAFA, Hyderabad.

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