Women voters prohibited to cast vote in Swabi, Talagang

SWABI  -  Women voters in the village of Adeena, NA-20 in Swabi district, are facing a shocking denial of their right to vote. The local communi­ty has enforced a ban, preventing women from casting their votes during the ongoing elections. De­spite the presence of election staff at the polling station, there is a no­ticeable absence of women voters.

Reports indicate that approxi­mately 6,000 women in Adeena village are being denied the op­portunity to exercise their dem­ocratic right. This suppression of women’s voices is a concerning vi­olation of fundamental democrat­ic principles.

In another incident in NA-59 in Punjab, a similar trend is ob­served. Women voters are con­spicuously absent from the polling stations in the conservative Tal­agang district of the Potohar re­gion. Shockingly, not a single vote has been cast by the 3,101 regis­tered women voters across four polling stations in the district, raising questions about the integ­rity of the electoral process.

These incidents highlight a pressing need to address and rec­tify the barriers preventing wom­en from participating in the dem­ocratic process. It calls for urgent attention to ensure equal voting rights for all citizens, regardless of gender or location.

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