LAHORE - Cholisten Jeep rally will be a part of the Punjab Youth Festival (PYF) 2014 and experienced drivers and navigators from across the country will exhibit their prowess in this event. Awais Khan Khakwani, one of the participants of the rally, said here on Tuesday that it was good to see that rally would be a part of the festival. "Cholistan race track is one of the tough contests in the world and which will be a test of skills, technique and command of the drivers. I will be participating in the B category of the race where Asad Khuroo, Jan Kamal and Makhdoom Aamir Abbas, Anas Khakwani, Nadir Maggsy, Rohi Patel and Qasim Zaidi will be his real opponents. "If we can bring the international drivers to participate in the rally, it will also promote our tourism industry," he added.–Staff Reporter