A private pharmaceutical company has donated blood cancer medicines worth Rs447 million to Nishtar Hospital, sources revealed. The medicine is used for the treatment of patients suffering from a kind of blood cancer known as CML.

Sources disclosed that over 190 patients suffering from different kinds of cancer were registered at the cancer ward of the hospital and all those suffering from CML cancer would be given the medicine. Hospital sources claimed that the patients were given the medicine free of cost. “Each patient of blood cancer has to take four capsules a day and each capsule costs Rs1,200. The medication is costly and majority of patients cannot afford it,” sources further explained. However, the cooperation extended by the company in terms of free supply of medicines has made it possible to continue their treatment.

It may not be out of place to mention here that the cost of blood cancer treatment ranges between Rs1.8 million to Rs4.8 million and majority of patients lose their lives as they cannot afford treatment. It is hoped that the free medicine scheme launched by the company will help save dozens of lives.