Being an ex-servicemen, I prefer buying grocery from the Canteen Stores Department (CSD) but do not feel encouraged when I compare the rates of fruits and vegetables being sold at CSD verses those under fixed rates of ‘Market Committees of Rawalpindi and Islamabad’ administrations. Yesterday, my wife and me bought some fruit and vegetables from Rawalpindi Cant. While passing in front of main CSD near GHQ, we thought of buying some more at cheaper rates than the market but were horrified to see the exorbitant rates at the CSD. Having analysed the problem, I have come to the conclusion that some items are sold directly under CSD’s own supervisory/sales staff whereas stuff like fruits and vegetables, fish, crockery and cutlery and hosiery etc, have been outsourced to private vendors, hence the high and ‘unregulated’ prices. Merely letting outsiders to sell expensive items defeats the sole purpose of the establishment of CSD outlets. CSD can really serve a purpose, just like the METRO stores etc., if it provides substantial discounts otherwise these CSD outlets are just another means to employ staff!


Rawalpindi, January 24.