The wave of terrorism has touched unprecedented heights in Pakistan, particularly in Karachi and KPK. Even the ‘Targeted Operation’ in Karachi has not brought any desired results so far. I believe the major reason for surge in the terrorism incidents is the non-implementation of death penalty in the country. These target killers know that nobody can really catch them and if at all, they are captured, no one would stand witness against them. Even if the court case is pursued with all the evidence and witnesses, they know for sure they will not get any capital punishment. Unfortunately, the PML-N government is also following in the footprints of PPP setup in so far as the major policy decisions are concerned. One such instance is the continuation of moratorium on death penalty. This is a shameful act of allegiance to European Union (EU) for some petty trade benefits. In fact, it has already promoted lawlessness in the troubled country. I wonder how PML-N leadership could take such a decision which is against the rule of law, supremacy of Shariah and protection of human life and property. Does the government want the citizens to take justice in their own hand?

I think the Government has forgotten its manifesto which requires steps to be taken to uphold the supremacy of Shariah, protection of human life and property, provide justice to everyone and make the country a peaceful society. By virtue of this decision, government has pleased only these three communities the death-row prisoners convicted for religiously and politically motivated killings, mass murders, terrorism, cold-blooded assassinations and raping and slaughtering innocent children or women.

All the alleged criminals and terrorists, who are currently defending cases in the lower and superior courts, in any of those 27 heinous crimes for which death sentence is given under the constitution of this Islamic Republic. They can relax and breathe easy now as no harm will come to them even if they stand guilty of these offences as we have deserted Islam and are followers of terrorism.

Few individuals who work for the European Union-funded non-government organizations have been campaigning for removal death penalty at the behest of their donors. Without taking into account Pakistan’s conditions or the level of its social, political and economic development – or lack of it – they have been demanding the abolishment of capital punishment by giving examples of those western or westernized nations which have abandoned executions in the natural course of their historical progress and evolution.

What they are forgetting is that ideal law and order situation in many Islamic countries is due to the fact that capital punishment is there as a deterrent to the heinous crimes. It goes without saying that such an act of the government will continue to demoralize the law enforcement agencies, currently getting some success in restoration of peace to Karachi, and also the judiciary. It will eventually make Pakistan a ‘free for all’ society and promote the tribal culture of balancing the score there and then instead of waiting for the futile judicial process. If the government wants to continue ban on implementation of death penalty, then it should also shut down its already useless judicial system.


Saudi Arabia, January 26.