HYDERABAD- Efforts are being made to enhance literacy rate up to 80 percent in Sind which is low compared to the other provinces of country and neighboring developing countries.

This was stated by Pro Chancellor of Sindh University and Senior Minister for Education, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, while addressing the auspicious occasion convocation of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology on Tuesday.

“Literacy rate is even below 50 percent in rural areas of Sindh and even low rate of literacy is being found among females in the province”, he said.

He said that if one mother was literate, she could teach the generations that is why they had to enhance the literacy among the girls. This is big challenge for us which no one cannot handle but there is need of all stakeholders assistance to materialize it, Sindh Minister said.

“Apart from this, I am working to eradicate the copy culture (cheating in exam) and in addition to this, efforts are being made to improve the education standard in the Sindh”, he added.  “Rather than criticizing our efforts being taken for enhancing education standard in the province, they come forward and help us to do this and it would be beneficial for us and our nation”, Khuhro said.

Besides, we are changing the syllabus from first class to five class and fundamental rights, civic sense and other things which could aware about rights; society and culture are being added in the new syllabus, he said. Appreciating the standard education in University, he said that Mehran University was ranked among top 100 universities across world which had honor to produce many engineers in the country who were serving the nation. There is shortage of girlshostels because of increasing the enrollment which has reached to 10,000 students at all campuses of University, he said adding the new hostels for girls and boys should be construed to accommodate maximum students.