ISLAMABAD  - Despite clear instructions of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority given to mobile operators to eliminate recently imposed call set up charges, mobile companies are still charging the amount on setting up a call by the subscribers.

Few weeks' back mobile companies had imposed call set up charges of Rs 0.10 and the amount was charged against connecting the call on all calls made by the subscribers. The amount is charged one time on a call no matter how long it is. But even if a subscriber just talks about 30 second in a call, he has to pay the call set up charges.

PTA received many complaints from the consumers against the unjustifiably imposed call set up charges. Responding to those complaints PTA asked the mobile operators to eliminate said charges from the call terming it unjustified. Mobile companies sought the time of 15 days but even after that time they have not stopped charging call set up charges.

It is pertinent to mention here that mobile companies already have increased call rates with the new government took charge. Call rates are increased in terms of tax and also the companies increased their charges that are making the local and international calls very expensive for the subscribers. Some companies having advantage of more subscribers have also changed mobile packages of the subscribers without prior notices given to them. In the end of the month when the consumer gave a look to his mobile expenses and became doubtful about the charges being levies on him, he contacted the concerned mobile operator that told the packages the subscriber was using earlier was changed.

Now the companies have increased burden on the subscribers in terms of imposing call setup charges that PTA has asked them to eliminate but they are using delaying tactics to avoid the implementation of PTA's orders.

Companies again have sought a time of 7 days from PTA to come up with an alternative solution. When contacted spokesman of PTA, he said that PTA has again asked the companies to eliminate aforementioned charges and is actively pursuing the issue.