KARACHI  - Law enforcers claimed to have killed two criminals and rounded up 289 suspects during the targeted operation here on Tuesday.

Police claimed to have killed two gangsters in an encounter with the police in Old City area.

Gangsters, associated with the Lyari gang, were killed in an encounter in Juna Market area. Police said both the gunmen were riding a motorcycle when police tried to intercept them during snap checking. Armed motorcyclists opened fire at the police to avoid the arrest and tried to escape. During an exchange of fire, both the motorcyclists sustained injuries. They were shifted to the Civil Hospital where doctors pronounced them dead.

SHO Idrees Alam Bangash claimed that both the victims were later identified as Moin Bengali and Sohail aka Sohail Shooter. He said both of them were associated with the Sheraz Comrade group of Lyari gangsters. They were involved in a number of cases including the killing of a policeman Noman, who was killed by Moin and his companions on January 19 in Aram Bagh area. The police also claimed to have recovered one hand grenade, two pistols and a motorcycle from their possession.

Similarly, two criminals were wounded during an exchange of fire in Gulshan-e-Iqbal area. The alleged robbers have yet to be identified. DSP Nasir Lodhi said the two suspects riding a motorcycle were looting people outside a moneychanger franchise. When the patrolling police mobile intercepted and tried to arrest them, the gunmen opened fire on them. During an exchange of fire, both the bandits sustained wounds.

Meanwhile, rangers conducted targeted raids in Wazir Goth, 100-Quarters in Korangi locality, Shah Faisal Colony, Bilal Colony, Bhittaiabad, Nishterabad, Gulshan-e-Ghazi, Mujahid Colony, Orangi and Lyari areas. According to rangers’ spokesperson, 29 hardened criminals including Lyari gang war elements, criminals affiliated with political groups and members of banned outfits involved in heinous crimes were arrested. They recovered 40 weapons including sub machineguns, Uni Barrel Rocket Launchers, G-3 rifle, hand grenades and mixed ammunition.

Moreover, Karachi Police claimed to have arrested around 258 suspects. The official also claimed to have recovered 45 pistols, a Kalashnikov, two rifles and narcotics from their possession.