Ashrafi warns of dire consequences if touches blasphemy laws

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) Maulana Tahir Ashrafi today said that entire ulema community is agreed upon the blasphemy and dire consequences would come out, if this law was re-discussed.

Talking to sources, Maulana Ashrafi said that not only Muslims but non-Muslims are also agreed upon blasphemy and there were no dual opinion in this regard.

“It is the dire need how to check the misuse of blasphemy  and recommendations in this regard have been tabled in the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII),” he added and maintained that blasphemy has been sent to CII to seek opinion in the former regime and the then Chairman of CII was Maulana Sherani. All the members of the council are unanimously agreed over it and there was no dual opinion in this regard.

He further said that severe punishments should be proposed for the misuse of blasphemy, Maulana Sherani first agreed upon it, however his opinion has changed in the next day meeting.

“The CII has also sent its recommendations on under-age marriages to government and it would be hazardous to re touch such issues,” he disclosed and said that CII sends its recommendations and proposals to government based on the consensus of ulemas and not on the bases of personal views of Maulana Sherani.

Chairman PUC said that if Maulana Sherani, Chairman CII has personal views on under-age marriages or blasphemy as it could not be the opinion of entire council. “Some elements are involve in conspiracies to make blasphemy disputed to create the issue of law and order situation in the country but PUC would foil their nefarious designs,” he concluded.