ISLAMABAD   -  Pakistan People’s Party Vice President Sherry Rehman yesterday alleged that the ruling Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) has turned the parliament into a circus.

Speaking to journalists here, Senator Sherry Rehman said the government had bulldozed the State Bank Amendment bill in the Senate.

“Today marks a black day in Pakistan’s history, as the SBP Amendment Bill was bulldozed in the Senate despite the vehement protests from the joint opposition. The PTI government has refused to follow democratic norms and turned Parliament into a circus by bulldozing a bill using condemnable tactics that had not been witnessed in Pakistan’s history until today and have disparaged parliamentary tradition,” she asserted.

The PPP lawmaker said the government had to call for votes twice as they had failed to get enough numbers to pass the bill at the first attempt.

The Senator said the bill was a direct threat to Pakistan’s sovereignty and National security; it will ensure that the lender of last resort is unable to take Pakistan out of any future crisis. 

“Central banks are autonomous only to the extent they make monetary policy. It seems PTI has borrowed so much in its three and a half years term that commercial banks will become the only lenders,” she said.

The government, she said, had no plan or pathway to ensure a safe passage outside of the perilous hole of debt they have put this country in.

Sherry Rehman said the opposition only received the agenda of the Senate meeting after midnight which was another card out of the deck of “cowardly politics” that this government continuously utilises.

“After three and a half years of disastrous economic policies that have brought the country to its knees, the government has now bulldozed a black bill in Pakistan through the means of undemocratic tactics. The opposition condemns any bill that seeks to sell Pakistan’s sovereignty off to the IMF,” the PPP leader said.