ISLAMABAD (INP) - The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has completed the report about the Air Blue crash in a year and submitted it to the federal government. The report could be made public with the help of international agencies. It took into account the possibility of collision with a bird, human error and terrorism. The investigation also looked into administrative negligence as the possible reason behind the accident. According to the statement of the Civil Aviation Authority, experts and agencies of Germany, France and America took part in the investigation. There were six crew members and 152 passengers in the aircraft, the report says. The unfortunate flight took off at 7:41am from Karachi for Islamabad and crashed in the Margallas. The report has been handed over to the federal government. The report could only be made public with the consent of American National Transportation Safety Board and Germanys Federal Bureau of Aircraft Investigation. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has summoned a meeting over the crash report. The defence minister, the Civil Aviation Authority representatives and other officials concerned will attend the meeting.