As rightly stated in your editorial of July 27, the reports of the issue of visas to 86 CIA operatives re-awaken fears associated with the trigger-happy CIA contractor Raymond Davis and their snooping around to promote American designs in disregard of Pakistans security imperatives and sensitivities. Read in conjunction with your news report of July 25 CIA spreads its tentacles in S. Punjab, it presents an alarming picture. KP province seems to be dealing all right with these saboteurs. I read with pleasure how they returned on three occasions the Americans who tried to enter Peshawar by car, without a no-objection certificate. Interestingly, on the fourth occasion, the Americans arrived in Peshawar by air but met the same fate. I hope Shahbaz Sharif also demonstrates the same firmness in dealing with these US saboteurs and does not allow them to establish their network in Punjab, the province which houses more than half of the total Pakistani population. The fact that Shahbaz Sharif has vowed not to accept US aid makes his work much easier. Let us hope other provinces and Islamabad also keep tabs on CIA nefarious activities and do not allow them a free hand, which will be used only to strangle us. S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, July 27.