ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - Hundreds of political activists are being held and tortured by security forces in Balochistan, a rights group said on Thursday. Hundreds of so-called enforced disappearances have been committed since 2005, Human Rights Watch said in a new report into alleged abuses in the southwestern province. Victims told HRW that they had been picked up from their homes at night by gangs of armed men, questioned and beaten without being told who was holding them or why. Pakistans security forces are engaging in an abusive free-for-all in Balochistan as Baloch nationalists and suspected militants 'disappear, and in many cases are executed, said Brad Adams, Asia director at HRW. The rights groups report, entitled We Can Torture, Kill, or Keep You for Years, documented cases of uniformed paramilitary troops, police and ISI intelligence agency being involved in the abductions. Pakistani security services are brazenly disappearing, torturing, and often killing people because of suspected ties to the Baloch nationalist movement, Adams said. This is not counterinsurgency - it is barbarism. One victim, Mazhar Khan, told how he was at a friends house in Noshki district in December 2009 when armed men stormed in, blindfolded both of them and drove them to different locations. Khan was questioned about Baloch political activity and held alone in a dark room for nearly two months before being released on the side of a road near Quetta. His friends whereabouts are still unknown despite his family fighting a high court battle in which judges have asked the ISI, police, and federal and state authorities to provide information about any charges against the men. HRW said the number of abductions and executions was unknown but that in 2008 Interior Minister Rehman Malik said there had been at least 1,100 victims of disappearances in Balochistan. Other officials have disputed the figure. The report is based on over 100 interviews by HRW in Balochistan in 2010 and 2011 with family members of disappeared people, former detainees, local human rights activists, lawyers and witnesses to government abductions. It says that those targeted are primarily Baloch nationalist activists or suspected Baloch militants.