LAHORE- Civil Aviation Authority on Thursday held 'evacuation exercise to evacuate and save lives at terminal building of Allama Iqbal International Airport in case of emergency. During the exercise, the artificial fire eruption was made at the Terminal Building of the Airport and crew of fire brigade and ambulance took the injured persons in hospital in time, as the exercise was made at level-4 of the Terminal. The crew took the injured persons to hospital within 10 minutes after rescuing them by using methods of emergency. Civil Aviation Authority of Fire Section, CAA Medical Section, Airport Security Force and other organizations working for different airlines and airports participated in the exercise. Visiting of passengers at Airport and the operation of Airport remained continued during the exercise, and stat-of-the-art fire alarum system and fire hindrent system were also tested in the Exercise. The purpose of the exercise has been told to test the evacuation plan of Civil Aviation Authority to equip the crews concerned to cope with such any emergency. At the end, Airport manager Syed Amir Mehboob lauded the efforts of officers and other staff who took part in the exercise. SHER DIL CRITICISED ON OXFAM REPORT: Director General Provincial Disaster Management Khalid Sher Dil on Thursday criticized the Oxfam report, a NGO taking aids from international agencies and working for welfare of people in different countries. According to a handout issued on Thursday, the DG Khalid Sher Dil said that there is no existence of 37 thousand flood relief camps as the Oxfam mentioned about the setting up of such camps in Punjab province as well. The DG said that comprehensive monitoring system has been made for the utilization of money allocated for the flood relief activities and the efforts of Punjab province for the flood of 2010 has been lauded by other province as well. POLIO DROPS ADMINISTERED Executive District Officer, Health (EDO), Lahore on Thursday said that it has been revealed in the WHO report that a record number of children of 5, of Lahore Districts have been administered polio drops during police drive (July 18 to 20, 2011). According to a press release issued on Thursday, the WHO report said that around 99 per cent children of Lahore were administered drops. The EDO said that such progress should be made in other districts as well to make Pakistan polio free.