LAHORE - The SNGPL has resumed its gas supply to Engro Corporations urea plan 'Enven1.3 and the management has started the production, industry sources said. As per the companys management, gas supply has been restored to Engros new plant last night. The gas curtailment at its new plant now stands at 20 percent. However, gas curtailment to its old plant is ranging between 8-12 percent from 7-8 percent earlier. They said that the fertilizer plants operating on the SNGPL network will be provided gas supplies on a 15-day a month basis; that is gas supply will be reinstated for 15 days following a 15 day shutdown. According to them, the earlier prescribed 45-day gas outage coupled with 20 percent curtailment continued to stand firm and is separate from the suggested gas curtailment measure. It is pertinent to note that fertilizer plants on an average require 4 - 5 days to produce on-spec urea post a cold start, which effectively means that fertilizer production on the SNGPL network, will be operating for 10 - 11 days a month. Farid Aliani pointed out that fertilizer production would be severely hampered by the gas load management proposal.