America has told India to dominate Asia. Actually, America wants to establish another Israel in the region. For decades, Israel has been killing the Palestinians. America has been pouring shipfuls of weapons and sackfuls of dollars into Israel to make it the supreme power of the region. Iraq was the only hurdle in Israel's way to gain regional supremacy. America destroyed Iraq. America believes that India deserves to be another Israel. There is one important common factor between Israel and India. Israel has been crushing the Palestinians because they have been struggling to liberate themselves from the Israeli slavery. Likewise, India has been crushing the Kashmiris, who have been struggling to liberate themselves from the Indian slavery. When America tells India to become a regional power, America actually means: Look at Israel. If you become another Israel you will be weaponised and dollarised like Israel. Israel is Americas powerful outpost in the Middle East. Obviously, America wants India to be its outpost in Asia. Actually, China is the major target. Surprisingly, China has so far been mum. But undoubtedly, she must be keeping something up her sleeve. China is a clot in Americas bloodstream. America believes that India can melt the clot. But it can melt the clot only if it becomes another Israel. If America did succeed in transforming India into another Israel, America would go mad with jubilation. Encouraged by the success, America might plan to establish a third Israel in some other part of the world. The process might go on and on endlessly. Currently, almost every American is terribly nervous. He cant sleep peacefully. He is scared that any moment a Chinese or an Iranian or a North Korean missile might destroy his bedroom. The nervousness of the common American is understandable. By interfering in the national affairs of China, Iran and North Korea, America is creating nervousness for its own citizens. Pakistan has reacted sharply to Americas strategy of transforming India into a supreme regional power. Pakistan has vociferously declared that it wont accept Indias hegemony over the region. America and India must be laughing. In the past, Pakistani politicians created a horrific political chaos in the country. The chaos offered a golden opportunity to India. India cut Pakistan into two parts with Americas secret blessings. Currently, another horrific political chaos is jolting the country. The politicians are again at loggerheads with each other. Another opportunity is knocking at Indias door. Maybe India is sharpening her scissors again. The Indian government has proudly confessed that East Pakistan was transformed into Bangladesh by India. What a stupid pride Actually, it was not India, but Pakistans horrific political turmoil, which created Bangladesh. Lets pray that the current chaos does not end up in another Bangladesh like tragedy. Under every democracy, the politicians have mutual differences. But there are two kinds of differences. There are differences which strengthen the country and there are differences which destabilise the country. Under the Western democracies, the differences amongst the politicians generally strengthen the country. But under the Eastern democracies, the differences generally damage the country. Unfortunately, Pakistans entire democratic history is a history of gruesome wars amongst the politicians. These wars have inflicted various sorts of tragedies on the country. There have been social tragedies. There have been economic tragedies. There have been judicial tragedies. There have been administrative tragedies etc. If the current war amongst the politicians continued, it must have extremely disastrous effects on the country. Things would become damn easy for America to elevate India to the status of the regions great power. Unfortunately, in Pakistan most of the political fighters are fighting for their own personal interests. The country can be salvaged only if the politicians sacrifice their own interests for the interests of the nation. n The writer retired as Professor of the Department of English, Government College University, Lahore.