President of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Ms Asma Jehangir has said that the judiciary could go to any extent for ensuring rule of law and constitution and cannot shut its eyes to the happenings in the country. In an interview with BBC Thursday, Asma Jehangir said that the constitution does not give a free hand to the elected representatives and there are checks and balances. She said the government would have to face the accountability by the courts. She said the lawyers want a strong judiciary and as long as the Judiciary would ensure rule of law, the SCBA would stand shoulder to shoulder with it. She said democracy does not mean that our elected representative were free do anything of their liking at the cost of the country and the people. Replying to a question, Ms Asma Jehangir said the legislature and the judiciary fully realize that who ever would indulge in instability in the country would face the opposition of the masses. The SCBA President expressed the confidence that there would be no confrontation between the judiciary and the executive. She said the government must defend herself strongly in the court rather than keeping silence inside and take opposite steps outside. She pointed out that once a notification has been issued and presented in the court( a reference to establishment secretary Sohail Ahmad), then action by the government against it would create instability.