Lawyers lining up behind judiciary

LAHORE Lawyers are once again bracing themselves to protect respect and dignity of the judiciary which is inevitably linked with the respect of its decisions and direction. Getting alarmed by the persistent defiance of the Superior Court orders by the government, the legal fraternity has begun the homework for kicking off a movement against the government which so far is adamant on ignoring the court orders even at the cost of its high functionaries who are being removed or made OSD for their 'offence of acting under the court orders. During hearing of a billion rupees Haj scam case on Wednesday, the Rawalpindi Bar Association president came to the rostrum and supported the court decisions and pledged to stand by the judiciary and make efforts to make the executive respect its decisions. Showing the same spirit, the Supreme Court Bar Association, in unequivocal terms, also came behind the Supreme Court and wanted the government not to show disrespect to its orders and carry out the same without any delay. Taking a further step towards the support of judiciary, the Lahore High Court Bar Association, through a press conference on Thursday, gave final warning to the government to implement the SC orders and directions otherwise the lawyers would be compelled to launch a protest movement against it through meetings, road march, rallies and processions, boycotts, strikes and observance of black day besides other protest measures. Bar President Asghir Ali Gill and other office-bearers gave a call to the lawyers across the country to once against get together against the rulers, who, they added needed some doze to give up the trend of ignoring the court orders and confronting with the judiciary. The bar leaders made it clear that they were not toeing any political agenda but they were discharging their duties they owe as students of law to the judiciary, constitution and the state. They said like the past they would once against take the civil society into their folds for the movement against the government. With passage of time, the temperature of lawyers is shooting up against the government which is prone to show teeth to the judiciary after it miserably failed to ameliorate the lot of the common man and is continuing to exploit the masses showing them dream of democracy and good days. The lawyers never had two minds on the point that judicial orders and directions must by respected and if any grievance against them comes about, the judiciary provides the forum to challenge the same. Senior jurists strongly dispel the impression generated by a section of political quarter that the judiciary wants to prevail upon the executive in order to establish its superiority. They say our rulers are not accustomed to rule in the presence of an independent judiciary and now they are feeling hard to set their minds accordingly and carry out the court orders. There is another theory in the air that some hidden hands are operational to grind their own axe through the clash of judiciary and the executive head, the prime minister. The elements behind the scene, say the jurists, desires matter to be stretched out of proportion to force either judiciary to take an extreme action out of frustration, or make it punish the executive head, in the interest of seeing someone else in his place. Jurists say the judiciary is acting absolutely according to the constitution which is its prime duty and whether or not the executive head is aware of the consequences is a question to be answered by the time to come. At the intellectual level, the discussion about the beginning of the 'countdown is on the rife and whose countdown it may be, the jurists say, will be seen in the coming days. As to the court orders for holding inquiry into mega scams like NICL and Haj by honest officers, they say, this order should not be embarrassing for the rulers if they dont have any skeletons in their cupboard. And by not appointing such officers to inquire into the serious charges, the impression has deepened that personal interests of certain people at the top are involved in the scams. The governments repulsion to appoint honest officers also illustrates that we have two sets of investigations: one for the ordinary people and other for the top men who are politically strong and influential. Corruption has pierced deep into our officialdom, political and economic life and the estimated amount so going into the pockets of the corrupt has been estimated Rs 1 trillion every year. The main factor behind this white collar crime, which has somewhat been institutionalised in our county, is the poor investigations carried out by the favourites which has hollowed the roots of our country.

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