ISLAMABAD - NEPRA has approved Rs 6.58 per unit increase in the tariff of Lakhra Power Generation Company Limited (LPGCL) resultantly the rate of electricity being produced through coal reached Rs 10.55 in the country. Available documents with TheNation revealed that NEPRA has approved tariff, plant operation, repair and maintenance, salaries of employees and also granted Rs 21.3 million for free electricity of its employees. Rs 195 million for salaries and other benefits and Rs 98 million for maintenance has been awarded. It might be mention here that NEPRA has directed to reduce the size of LPGCLs employees out of 546 to 381 and adjusted its employees those fall in surplus to other government owned power plants. LPGCL is allowed to charge such tariff as is provided hereunder for sale of electricity to Central Power Purchase Agency within NTDC on take and pay basis. Fixed O&M Rs4.35KWH, Rs 0.04 financial charges, Rs1.06kwh for description, return on equity Rs 1.97kwh, fuel cost component Rs 2.99kwh, variable O&M Rs 0.12, official documents reads. In this way total capacity charges Rs 7.43kwh and total energy charge is Rs3.12kwh, which in total is Rs 10.55kwh. It is testimony of the fact that machinery of the plant has been out of order and presently its capacity to generate power is limited to only 31MW now from 50MW. Further, fuel handling of the plant and its boiler is un-operational now-a-days. NEPRA has rejected the request of Lakhra Power Generation Company Limited (LPGCL) pertaining to determine multi air tariff. It is relevant to mention here that LPGCL was established on 22nd February 2002 at Jamshoro (Sindh) to take over all the properties, rights, assets, obligations and liabilities of coal based Thermal Power facility comprises of three 50MW Fluidized Bed Combustion (FBC) units.