Pakistan is keen to see a durable and sustainable regional security with four dimensions, Ambassador Masood Khan has said. Highlighting these four dimensions in an interview here in Beijing, Ambassador Masood Khan said that first, we should definitively address issues related to counterterrorism, second, we should have conditions of peace and stability in Afghanistan, third, Pakistan and India should build confidence and address outstanding issues and fourth but most importantly, we are making efforts to accelerate Pakistans economic development and are participating in activities aimed at regional economic integration and connectivity. About domestic challenges faced by Pakistan, he said, we are consolidating democracy, developing our economy, and forging unity. Our quest for stability is what defines our struggle today. We have to get rid of terrorism and extremism, the two evils that have plagued our country for a while. We want to move past this stage to create conditions for rapid development of our economy as well as social harmony. Pakistani nation has the will, the ability and the environment for achieving these objectives, he noted. He pointed out that there is still unfinished agenda in Afghanistan next door. Terrorism has to be defeated. We have to reconstruct war ravaged economies. Peace and stability have to be brought back to the region. We should meet these challenges together respecting each others sovereign decision making space. Regarding Sino-Pak relations, he said that the current focus on youth and cultural ties is going to strengthen our relations. We need to do more of this. For instance, right now there are only 6,000 Pakistani students studying in different parts of China. This number should go up. As we expand our economic and trade ties, we would need thousands of professionals in China and Pakistan who know both countries well. Recently, in Pakistani educational institutions, a trend is setting in for learning Chinese language and culture. These trends are very good. Both countries have been nurtured by river civilizations," he added. Besides, he said, our two countries are joined by rivers and mountains. We also have strong civilization links. We need to rediscover and highlight these links. Trade and culture can go hand in hand. As we revive the historic Silk Route, we should also simultaneously renew our cultural ties. Ambassador Khan regarded the Communist Party of China (CPC) as the most successful political party of the 20th and 21st centuries. He said the party has given the Chinese nation dignity, sovereignty, and independence. It has also ushered in unprecedented prosperity to China. This kind of prosperity in such a short span of time is unparalleled in the history of mankind. The CPC has raised the living standards of China beyond anybodys expectations. And this revolution seems to have just begun, he observed.