ISLAMABAD - The governments naively idealistic approach leaves one wondering whether Pakistan could fight this years expected monsoon floods especially when the country struggles with the shortfall of funds for providing assistance to last years flood victims. While the international organisations including United Nations and INGOs repeatedly caution that Pakistan is not prepared for monsoon floods, the bureaucratic baboos of government departments keep living in fools paradise to portray a funnily rosy picture of the prevailing humanitarian scenario. This 'all is well approach boisterously reverberated on Thursday when Zafar Iqbal Qadir, Chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), dismissed the international communitys reservations regarding Pakistans preparedness to tackle monsoon floods. At the launching ceremony of UNs publication on last years floods, Pakistan Floods One Year On 2011, the bureaucrat rattled governments stereotypical version for over 45 minutes, most of which was in stark deviation from reality. Oxfam Tuesday published an annual report on last years floods saying Pakistan was not prepared for monsoon floods. The report was critical of Pakistani government, donors and UN, pointing to certain differences between all the three parties. Referring to this, Qadir said, These reports are true to some extent but not to the entirety. We have reservations on the assessments of IOs on our preparedness. Not only that the bureaucrat is well prepared for the monsoon floods, he is counting on divine intervention as well as the governments mechanism to calculate this years monsoon precipitation beforehand. We are in half of monsoon but everything by the grace of Almighty is managed well. We are fully prepared and if there is additional ten per cent rainfall, we have sufficient foods and non-foods item to respond fully. He cited 'extensive meetings between disaster and provincial management authorities and contingency plans prepared by them, to be integrated into national contingency plan and to be shared with UN contingency plan, to counter floods threat. The chairman NDMA perhaps forgot that the Almighty was gracious last year as well but floods had triggered havoc after more than half of monsoon season had passed and all the downpour estimations had gone wrong. Thankfully, Zafar Iqbal was kind enough to finally credit the UN and rest of the international community for their services during floods. Nonetheless, I thank them all. The NDMA chief sounds unwary of the fact that humanitarian assistance without funds is like vehicles without fuel that cannot proceed an inch. And the tarnished repute of Pakistans bureaucratic institutions regarding funds 'utilisation brings so many question marks with it. The credibility and integrity of government departments was well figured from several pinching queries raised by the journalists that straightaway questioned the transparency in NDMA after Qadirs Thursday briefing. Do you have any magical stick to make the floods go away? one journalist, who looked fed-up of government functionarys inane articulations, asked.