A plumber has built the worlds longest motorbike - which is an incredible 22 metres (72ft) long. Colin Furze, 31, spent a month building the 25-seater bike, which is as long as a tennis court He used one-and-a-half 125cc mopeds which he extended using an aluminum frame and drove the bike a mile along the runway at Saltby Airfield in Grantham, Lincs. He managed to get the bike, which is worth around 3,000, up to 35mph, but found it almost impossible to steer. 'When I first got on it I thought it would never work and at a slow speed its almost impossible to keep upright. But once you get going it becomes a bit easier, although it is a real strain on your arms as it has such heavy steering. It wobbled a huge amount as I drove along and apparently the back of the bike was weaving around all over the place. It is very difficult to handle and it would be hard to ride on the roads as you need about six widths of road to turn. I think it is really built for Roman roads. Colin constructed the massive motorcycle, which takes three people to move, in his mums back garden. He had to cut the bikes and construct the aluminium frame, which has been made in three parts then bolted together. To make it into the record books, Colin had to drive the bike 100 metres, but amazingly he managed to ride more than a mile. He will now send the video along with signed witness statements to Guinness World of Records, so they can verify it. Colin already holds the world record for the fastest mobility scooter, which he built to go at a remarkable 71mph. 'This motorbike was so heavy and difficult to drive I think it would be impossible to make a longer bike. I think this record will stand for a very long time, he added. According to Guinness World of Records the longest motorbike in the world until now was 14 metres. MO