LAHORE Chief Traffic Officer Ahmed Mobin had to come out of his office when the rainwater entered his room during the last rain in the City, it is learnt. The CTO also confirmed the incident, saying that the incident took place a few days back when he was sitting in his office located near Islamia College. He said rainwater entered from his washroom and all of sudden the CTO room was filled with water. Mobin was dozing when water entered his office and even his half legs and pent drowned in water. Frankly speaking, we were completely surprised to see the CTO in quite bewilderment as he ran out of his office, traffic wardens requesting anonymity said. They further told that the CTO strictly asked the traffic wardens as who has pumped water into his office but the senior traffic officers standing outside the room were in state of confusion. A senior traffic warden told that when the CTO was informed about their ignorance about the water, he expressed his anger over them. Meanwhile, one of the traffic officers told that the CTO that the water entered from his attached washroom owing to heavy rain. Yes, all of the blockage in water pipes of WASA caused the happening of this incident as the rainwater of surrounding areas like Traffic Canteen, OSI Branch, backyard of Learner Branch and other areas gathered near the wall of CTO office, they added. The rainwater also damaged paint, chairs and computer table inside the CTO office, which were re-polished.