LAHORE The Director General of the Punjab Emergency Service, also known as the Rescue-1122, has forwarded a summary to Punjab Chief Minister seeking his approval to post a retired brigadier on a lucrative post, although the old man has already been 'selected. Ironically, the rules and regulations have been set afresh for this post. An advertisement was also issued for the national press by the Punjab Emergency Department in this regard. Informed sources confirmed that already 'selected candidate, namely Brigadier (r) Arshad Zia, was a month ago enrolled as a volunteer in the Rescue-1122. It had already been decided to appoint him as Administrator of the Emergency Services Academy, but the DG with the mutual consultation of his buddies, advertised the post in the national press. Speaking about the retired brigadiers devotion as a guiding light, the Director General of the Rescue-1122 had at a talk informed the media persons that everyone should praise the passion of our volunteers. He had also told them that the retired brigadier had expressed his desire to serve the Rescue-1122 as a volunteer. His appointment now is a clear-cut violation of the rules and regulation of the open merit competition. Talking on the issue a couple of days back, the head of Rescue-1122s Public Relations Wing, Miss Roqiya Banu had confirmed that Mr. Arshad was also a candidate for the post of the administrator (BS-19). She, however, had claimed that the appointment would be made on merit. In the advertisement, the Punjab Emergency Service had mentioned that the age of the successful candidate should not be more than 57 years. It is worth mentioning here that this specific age rule for a government employee has been set for the first time in the history of Pakistan. Informed sources told this scribe four candidates, including two retired colonels, one already serving with the Rescue-1122s Faisalabad wing (Riffat Zia) and brigadier Arshad Zia had applied for the aforesaid post. The sources believed that Riffat Zia was advised by the authorities concerned to avoid facing the interview panel as the decision had already been.