LAHORE SAP Pakistan introduces business intelligence solutions especially aimed for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), says a press release. SAP has been named the overall market share leader in the worldwide Bl market, owning nearly a quarter of the market according to the April 2011 report issued by Gartner Inc. Market Share Analysis: Business Intelligence (Bl), Analytics and Performance Management, 2010, Worldwide. In the report, SAP ranks No. 1 with 23 percent share of the worldwide market based on revenue. Countries in the Southeast Asian region have huge communities of small-to-medium scale enterprises (SMEs), many of whom employ thousands of workers and contribute to their GDP. In fact, most Southeast Asian countries have more SMEs as registered businesses than large enterprises. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) puts the number of SMEs at 96pc of all enterprises and employing up to 85pc of overall workforce. SMEs also account for up to 30pc of exports and contribute around 50pc of GDP. Hassan Jamal, Country Liaison Manager, SAP Pakistan said that despite their huge numbers and contribution to their respective countrys GDP, SMEs have yet to largely tap information technology (IT) to improve their business.