LAHOERE - The army is duty-bound under the Constitution to take measures for the implementation of the orders of the Supreme Court, no matter what the consequences, a former army chief said on Thursday. General Mirza Aslam Beg said while talking to TheNation that unlike former COAS General Jehangir Karamat who had failed to carry out the apex courts orders in 1998, the present leadership of the army would positively respond to any call coming from the countrys top court. In his opinion, the Supreme Court while hearing various petitions was getting assertive by the day and was calling explanation even from the prime minister, which was a clear indication that it was being backed by the army. The army, he said, would never make any public announcement about its future strategy, but its actions would show that it was with the Supreme Court. There is a state of confrontation between the Supreme Court and the government as the latter is not implementing the court orders. The relevant authorities are taking such steps which clearly show that they are in no mood to do what the court wants them to. As a result, tensions are mounting by the day and nobody is in a position to predict the kind of situation that would unfold in the days ahead. Gen Beg said senior civil servants had shown courage by complying with the Supreme Courts orders despite the fact that they were being victimized now. He said it was quite significant that the Supreme Court was asking the prime minister to give his reaction over the court orders not being implemented. This, he said, was a rare and significant development. He said in case the court held any state functionary guilty of defying its orders and sentenced him to a jail term, the army would be constitutionally bound to get hold of such a person and put him behind bars. The former army chief said the situation in the country was about to change and the process would get expedited once the people came out on the streets. Answering a question, Gen Beg said Gen Jehangir Karamat had set a very bad precedent by not following the Supreme Court orders in 1998. The then Chief Justice Syed Sajjad Ali Shah had sought armys help against the then PML-N government. However, instead of taking steps in the light of the SC orders, Gen Karamat had forwarded the letter to the Ministry of Defence, which threw it in the wastebasket. Gen Beg said the situation was totally different this time. The mood of the Supreme Court was quite different today than what it was a week ago. This, he said, was because the court knew the army was fully behind it. The former army change said the signs of a change were very clear. The aggressive mood of Mian Nawaz Sharif and other PML-N leaders was also quite significant. Their mood was reflective of peoples aspirations, Gen Beg said, adding that the army was under oath to respect peoples aspirations. He said while working for a change, everybody should be very careful in his actions. Otherwise, he warned, the fruits of change could be hijacked, as was the case in Egypt where the power was taken over by the army which had been working with president Hosni Mubarak for about three decades. SC assertive due to army support: Beg